December 09 2017.

Paulo Andrez, an acclaimed European angel investor and President Emeritus of the European Business Angels Network, visited Technology Park Zagreb where he delivered an interesting lecture on startup financing.  

SFZGB Paulo Andrez

Mr. Andrez’ current portfolio includes 15 companies spread across 4 European countries. One of his investments reached 25 million euros in revenues within the first year, for which he received a “Best European Angel Investment” award in 2012.

Last Saturday, our SFZGB2017 teams along with other participants listened to his lecture titled "Become a Zero Risk Startup to Raise Money Easier". During his lecture Mr. Andrez advised: “When approaching an investor think like an investor, not like an entrepreneur.”

It is a well-known fact that startups deal with a whole host of problems when they first start out, one of the most significant ones being raising capital in order to survive and develop. Portuguese investor attempted to provide information that will mitigate risk when meeting investors.

We are extremely glad that Paulo Andrez will also join us next week at the Startup Factory Zagreb Demo Day as a member of our expert evaluation committee.

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