December 14 2017.

Demo Day is only 2 days away and to say that our teams have had a busy schedule in these past few weeks leading up to it would be an understatement. 


We’ve seen our teams go through intense pitch training sessions as final lectures and workshops have come to a close.

Matina Tenžera of team Divan spoke about Dario Zorić’s workshop: “Dario’s expertise was useful because everyone can use that kind of knowledge in their everyday life, especially when it comes to various styles of communication.”

Positive feedback also arrived for Netokracija's Ivan Brezak Brkan’s guest lecture. Team Medinel stated: “We received valuable advice for building a successful relationship with journalists that will definitely be of use when managing PR and building a winning media pitch.”

Teams commented on SC Ventures and Funderbeam lectures as well. Luka Vida of PickUp Solutions said: “These lectures put together disparate pieces of information that we already knew about and made sense out of them. This will be valuable when we start looking to get funded.”

Paulo Andrez held a workshop on mitigating risk, Ivana Štulić took teams through positive psychology exercises while mentors Gorjan Agačević, Vanja Andrić, Jan Jilek and Luka Sučić held two intense pitch training sessions.

“Pitch training was extremely valuable. Mentors gave us feedback and sample Demo Day questions”, said Karlo Starčević of the WePark team.

Gabrijela Lovrić of Trakbar team stated: ”Receiving instant feedback was amazing. A big thank you to mentors who never spared our feelings and made sure we do our best on Demo Day. Let the best man win!”

Since it’s only two days until Demo Day, teams will be working late into the night perfecting their pitches and prototypes.

EzzyPark’s Karlo Horvat spoke of the Startup Factory program: “This is my first experience with a pre-acceleration program of any type and I am more than pleased. What I found the most useful was working with mentors who are top experts in their fields. Mentors have helped us with their knowledge, expertise and, also, constructive criticism. They pointed out certain parts of our project that we hadn’t been putting a lot of attention on but which proved to be crucial to the sustainability of the entire project.”

“Looking back at the program and all the trainings, lectures, workshops and mentoring sessions, I can say that the experience was priceless. I loved how all of us participants connected through the program, got to know each other better, shared experiences and learned from each other. This program has been amazing!”, stated Neven Palčec of myRent team.

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