Freewa started their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo platform
June 02 2017.

Engaging in the campaign, you are supporting Free Water initiative, meaning you are helping in producing very first batch of Freewa glass bottles and eco felt bags and in development of mobile App for mapping free drinking water sources. In just few hours of launching the project, the community supported the project with 20% of necessary funds to start the production and that story about ecological initiative from small Croatia was published by croatian and international media.

1, 2, 3… IndieGO-GO-GOOO!

Each new member of Freewa community will contribute directly in preserving our nature for future generations. Only if we work together, the dream of accessible and free drinking water for everyone in each corner of the Earth, will very soon turn into reality, thus - support the project on Indiegogo platform, each contribution is a another step in preserving clean, drinking water.


Have you tried Freewa app yet?

Freewa App for mapping free drinking water sources grows rapidly. Every day on the map there are more and more flags popping up, each marks the location where you can fill your bottle and enjoy free drinkable water.

From old-fashioned iron pumps in Zagreb, through elegant fountains in Vienna, to natural mountain sources – Freewa App members mark down the locations of free drinking water for thirsty passengers, acguaintances, strangers, travelers, walkers, climbers and nature lovers.

Download the app or start mapping out in your browser, we're waiting for you thristy!


Nature loves the FREEWA bottle!

Freewa 1

Freewa bottle is made of glass, bottle cap is made of BPA and EA free material and it is 100% recyclable, the eco felt bag is made of recycled PET bottles which can be recycled again. Freewa bottle, cap and the bag are all made in Croatia. By manufacturing in Croatia (EU), we are stimulating the local economy and creating jobs.

Freewa bottle does not leave anything in nature except the gratitude for all the free water it received.

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